Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Enforcer Ted the Valentine Bear??.....

It's happening all around the world.  Valentine shops are reporting assaults one right after the other.  Billions of dollars are spent each year on Dung Beetle research, yet these poor overlooked, disgruntled and mutilated  stuffed animals are not being helped, they are finally fighting back.  It began harmlessly as small unattended children would grab a stuffed animal off the shelf and play with it while the parents shopped. Time and time again, being picked off the shelf, played with, and then returned; resulting in broken threads, dangling eyes, and stuffing oozing out.  Holiday after holiday passes and these poor misshapen, semi-fluffy, worn out animals are being rejected and neglected as Valentine gifts.
Sources close to me say that a revolution is brewing. Apparently it all started at a nearby Hallmark where an irate and  envious bear, who goes by the name, Enforcer Ted, has started a movement called, TR2AB, The Right 2 Arm Bears.  Government officials are closing in on the gun cartel that is providing these weapons, but until then, we can all do our part.
Thanks to Dr. Digi's House of Stamps and this very depicting representation, we can all share in the responsibility of being upstanding citizens and not only help the innocent victims who are being threatened to purchase said bears, but by being aware and sensitive to the needs of these poor unfortunate toys.  
When you're out shopping for your loved one for Valentine's Day, don't just grab the chocolate and flowers, but find it in your heart to give these sad and disheveled critters a nice and loving home.  It's much more satisfying than a whelp on the forehead from a .45. 

Hugs n' Happy Stamping and be safe out there!
(no humans or stuffed animals were harmed in the making of this post)
Lisa xx


  1. I am crying laughing here, fantastic card and brilliant post! Build a Bear workshops everywhere beware!

  2. Love it! Fantastic coloring and love the sentiment. Still laughing.....

  3. Doc!!!! More medication needed Lisa's way!!! Fabulous card Lisa x

  4. Where can I send $$ for these poor stuffed animals, they need our help! Fabulous, fabulous card!