Wednesday, 16 January 2013

It All Started With Tax Evasion....

Everybody loves a good love story and this darling couple, Morris and Mildred take the cake!
30 year old Mildred was swept off her feet by 92 year old Morris and their friendship bloomed into love after their first "smooch." So I thought it fitting to place them center stage on a SMOOCH shaped card from The Cutting Cafe.  The lips come with the set too!
Now, back to the story...

You see Mildred was engaged to to Morris' younger brother Stanley and one week before their enchanted wedding, Stanley was arrested for tax evasion and went to jail, directly to jail and couldn't even pass go.
The townsfolk were mortified as Stanley was always such a fine upstanding citizen and he had just recently purchased a monopoly of  abandoned shops on Boardwalk with the intention to remodel and bring in a strip mall.  No one was more horrified than poor Mildred.
But time passed and her friendship with Stanley's older brother, much older, flourished into a romance of trust, love and diligently filing taxes every year.  
The two were wed on Stanley's release date from jail and spent the next 2 weeks in Fiji for their honeymoon.
Stanley on the other hand, accessed his Swiss bank account and bought a small island and was never seen or heard from again....
Thank you AGAIN, goes out to Dr. Digi's House Of Stamps for creating the most creative and humorous digital images that really leave the possibilities endless....
Stop on by his store and see the latest releases and grab this little cute couple Morris and Mildred for yourselves.
Hugs n' Happy Filing Your Tax Returns,
Lisa xx


  1. Amazing card Lisa, and i'd see if you can get the movie rights to that epic romance, you could be onto a winner. =0)

  2. Hehehehehe! That is the BEST valentine / love card I've ever seen!

  3. Surely there is a law against making someone laugh so hard! Outrageously funny and oh so wonderful!

  4. What a fantastic background story to go with a fantastic card

  5. Your talents are wasted! absolutely AWESOME card :-)