Sunday, 20 January 2013

Dunderton Decorators, Ltd

It was a beautiful sunshiny day in the world of Dr. Dig's House of Stamps and as Derek sat watching the news and plotting an excuse to leave the house his dear wife, Deirdery, announced that today was the day that Derek would paint the room designated for her prized African violets a different color to showcase their beauty! So . . . instead of watching the women's volleyball team run their laps, Dunderton Decorator, Ltd did as was commanded and dropped everything to start painting. When the fourth gallon of paint was opened and tested, Deirdery made her final pronouncement that the room would be bubblegum pink and furthermore because of the paint fumes, she was leaving the house and taking the dog until the job was completed! Too bad she never bothered to check her shoes! But don't worry, she'll discover the multicolored footprints across their new white shag carpet as soon as they return home!


  1. You really entertain Tammy! This is wonderful. Love the comical background story and the card is superb. The paint swatches and the newspaper add so much, it's terrific!! :)

  2. A classic Tammy creation! Excellent as always :-)

  3. Fantastic, love the story and the mess