Sunday, 6 January 2013

Ambrose King of the Waves and Deirdery's Day Off

The Dunderton's were exhausted from all the holiday hoopla so they decided to take a day and enjoy the seaside. Dr. Digi's House of Stamps sent them on their merry way with a beach umbrella and all the water toys they could pack in their car! Too bad that no sooner had they found the perfect spot in the sand, unpacked the car and acquired their favorite treats when the heavens opened and the rain came! Needless to say the ice cream cone that Ambrose King of the Waves was about to enjoy quickly turned to slush but Deirdery's Day Off was smart and grabbed her pitched and moved under the umbrella!


  1. You made the best rainy feel on your card! I love the images colored up like this and the whole scenery is comical and perfect Tammy :)

  2. lovin the green shades.. brill card Tammy.

  3. LOL, love the scene you have set xx