Saturday, 19 January 2013

Purple Rinse, Purple Rinse…

A (12)
It’s essential that us women folk take good care of ourselves & our appearances. Deirdery is an ambassador in the Department for Style and sure knows how to please her man Derek. She’s even taken to ensuring that their beloved pooch looks great too.
Get Salon Deirdery here at Doctor Digi’s House of Stamps and while you’re there, fill your basket with a whole host of other ‘fantabulous’ images.


  1. Oh lordy.. poor Dolly.. I'm not sure how Derek will react to a purple pooch.. love the card though jane, really stylish, clean design. =0)

  2. Fantastic! Absolutely fantastic and fun!

  3. Looks terrific Jane! Love that neutral cool color background that really makes the characters pop and as always, I am diggin' that purple!! :)

  4. Poor purple doggy! Great card though, I like the fact that there is no patterned paper